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These recombinant inbred strains of rats were derived from a cross between the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR/OlaIpcv = H) and Brown Norway (BN.Lx/Cub or BN = B). The HXB strains were generated by Michal Pravenec at the Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences. The BXH strains were generated by Vladimir Kren (see Pravenec et al. 1989, 2004) at a similar animal facility at the Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University. As of 2003, most of these strains have been inbred for 60 or more generations (F60).

The HXB/BXH Genotype Database was assembled by RW Williams and Michal Pravenec using a compendium of approximately 1100 markers that have been typed over the past decade (please see Jirout et al. 1999) for additional details of marker selection and genotyping. The GeneNetwork BXH/HXB chromosome maps have been rigorously error-checked. The total genetic length of these rat maps is roughly 1350 cM (adjusted for the 4X expansion of RI strains) for all 20 autosomes. We refer to these error-checked maps as "smoothed" because no double-recombinant genotypes were tolerated in the final file and all unspecified genotypes were imputed from neighboring markers. These HXB/BXH chromosomal maps therefore differ in detail from several other consensus maps built using the same set of markers. Smoothed maps are conservatively biased and tend to give lower false discovery rates. However, these maps may eliminate some true recombinations and strain distribution patterns. Ongoiing efforts by Hubner and colleagues have recently (2007-2008) generated much higher density maps of the HXB genetic reference population (13,000 SNPs). These markers are being used to produce new HXB/BXH chromosome maps that will be used by GeneNetwork late in 2008.

BXH8 and HXB26 were not genotyped by the STAR consortium (Huebner and colleagues) and are not available from Dr. Pravenec's colony (as of 2010). However, these strains are available still from Dr. Mort Printz at UCSD.

SHR/Ola being sequenced (Solexa) by Genome Science Center at UBC 10 gigabases done as of May 2008.


The HXB strains were generated by Michal Pravenec and colleagues. For additional details please contact Dr. Michal Pravenec, Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Videnska 1083, 142 20 Prague 4, Czech Republic. Phone: +(420)241062297; E-mail: pravenec@biomed.cas.cz

Jirout M, Krenova D, Kren V, Breen L, Pravenec M, Schork NJ, Printz MP (2003) A new framework marker-based linkage map and SDPs for the rat HXB/BXH strain set. expression differences in mice diverently selected for methamphetamine sensitivity. Mammalian Genome 14:537-546.

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