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You searched for the Gene ID 60533 in GeneNetwork.
We queried 32 expression datasets across 3 species and listed the results
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4Hematopoietic stem cells0
8Mammary tumors1
10Nucleus accumbens1
11Prefrontal cortex1
15Whole brain4




Record ID


Chr and Mb
26 AdiposeBHF2UCLA BHF2 Adipose (June05) mlratio10024412281CD274 antigenChr19: 29.372451-0.007
1 CerebellumBXDSJUT Cerebellum mRNA M430 (Mar05) RMA1419714_at_ACD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875227.251
22 EyeBXDEye M430v2 (Sep08) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875228.669
34 HippocampusBXDHippocampus Consortium M430v2 (Jun06) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875226.908
35 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5406319CD274 antigen; 5' UTRChr19: 29.36746410.195
36 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5066223CD274 antigen; exon 2Chr19: 29.3724716.280
37 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA4808337CD274 antigen; exon 3Chr19: 29.3736108.000
38 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5055561CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3739234.769
39 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5172174CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3740117.102
40 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA4598128CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3740755.940
41 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5331128CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3758107.364
42 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5060785CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3781815.457
43 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA4829877CD274 antigen; exon 4Chr19: 29.3803678.263
44 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5003326CD274 antigen; intron 4Chr19: 29.3805898.420
45 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5518941CD274 antigen; intron 4Chr19: 29.3810375.858
46 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5223132CD274 antigen; intron 4Chr19: 29.3812509.282
47 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA4975444CD274 antigen; exon 5Chr19: 29.3824948.066
48 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA4515342CD274 antigen; exon 6Chr19: 29.3840917.816
49 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA4823093CD274 antigen; intron 6Chr19: 29.3844207.069
50 HippocampusBXDUMUTAffy Hippocampus Exon (Feb09) RMA5066950CD274 antigen; 3' UTRChr19: 29.3854198.250
52 KidneyBXDMouse kidney M430v2 Sex Balanced (Aug06) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875227.611
31 LiverBXDUNC Agilent G4121A Liver LOWESS Stanford (Jan06) Both SexesA_51_P248665programmed cell death 1 ligand 1Chr19: 29.387923-0.916
32 LiverBHF2UCLA BHF2 Liver (June05) mlratio10024412281CD274 antigenChr19: 29.3724510.016
2 Mammary tumorsAKXDNCI Mammary mRNA M430 (July04) RMA1419714_at_ACD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875227.897
33 NeocortexBXDHQF BXD Neocortex ILM6v1.1 (Feb08) RankInvILM3840180CD274 antigen; 3' UTRChr19: 29.3878307.941
24 Nucleus accumbensBXDVCU BXD NAc Sal M430 2.0 (Oct07) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875226.824
25 Prefrontal cortexBXDVCU BXD PFC Sal M430 2.0 (Dec06) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875224.712
51 RetinaBXDFull HEI Retina Illumina V6.2 (Apr10) RankInvILMN_1226800CD274 antigen; 3' UTRChr19: 29.3878308.246
23 SpleenBXDIoP Affy MOE 430v2 Spleen (May09) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875229.861
3 StriatumBDF2-2005OHSU/VA B6D2F2 Striatum M430v2 (Sep05) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875226.973
4 StriatumBXDHBP Rosen Striatum M430V2 (Apr05) RMA Clean1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875226.891
5 StriatumBXDHQF BXD Striatum ILM6.1 (Nov07) RankInvILM3840180CD274 antigen; 3' UTRChr19: 29.3878307.954
6 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5406319CD274 antigen; 5' UTRChr19: 29.36746410.098
7 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5066223CD274 antigen; exon 2Chr19: 29.3724716.444
8 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA4808337CD274 antigen; exon 3Chr19: 29.3736107.921
9 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5055561CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3739234.975
10 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5172174CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3740116.696
11 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA4598128CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3740755.379
12 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5331128CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3758107.087
13 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5060785CD274 antigen; intron 3Chr19: 29.3781815.677
14 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA4829877CD274 antigen; exon 4Chr19: 29.3803677.740
15 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5003326CD274 antigen; intron 4Chr19: 29.3805898.242
16 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5518941CD274 antigen; intron 4Chr19: 29.3810375.959
17 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5223132CD274 antigen; intron 4Chr19: 29.3812509.180
18 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA4975444CD274 antigen; exon 5Chr19: 29.3824947.900
19 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA4515342CD274 antigen; exon 6Chr19: 29.3840917.947
20 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA4823093CD274 antigen; intron 6Chr19: 29.3844206.924
21 StriatumBXDHQF Striatum Affy Mouse Exon 1.0ST Exon Level (Dec09) RMA5066950CD274 antigen; 3' UTRChr19: 29.3854198.098
27 Whole brainBXDUCHSC BXD Whole Brain M430 2.0 (Nov06) RMA1419714_atCD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875227.190
28 Whole brainBXDINIA Brain mRNA M430 (Jan06) RMA1419714_at_ACD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875227.794
29 Whole brainB6D2F2OHSU/VA B6D2F2 Brain mRNA M430 (Aug05) RMA1419714_at_ACD274 antigenChr19: 29.3875227.457
30 Whole brainBHF2UCLA BHF2 Brain (June05) mlratio10024412281CD274 antigenChr19: 29.372451-0.002
No records retrieved for this species.
No records retrieved for this species.
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