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Data Set Group: UCLA BHF2 Liver (June05) mlratio modify this page

Data Set: UCLA BHF2 Liver (June05) mlratio modify this page
GN Accession: GN167
GEO Series: GSE2814
Title: Expression profiling of liver tissue from (C57BL/6J X C3H/HeJ)F2 mice on ApoE null backgrounds
Organism: Mouse (mm10)
Group: BHF2
Tissue: Liver mRNA
Dataset Status: Private
Platforms: Agilent Mouse Custom (GPL2510)
Normalization: mlratio
Contact Information
Aldons Lusis
University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Med-Cardio/Microbio BOX 951679
Los Angeles, CA 90095 USA
Tel. 310 825-1359
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Specifics of this Data Set:


The (C57BL/6J X C3H/HeJ)F2 intercross consists of 334 animals of both sexes. All are ApoE null and received a high fat Western diet from 8-24 weeks of age.

About the cases used to generate this set of data:

About the tissue used to generate this set of data:

About the array platform:

About data values and data processing:


Experiment Type:

Livers from 311 F2 female and male mice (animals fed a high fat "Western" diet from 8-24 weeks of age.) derived from C57BL/6J and C3H/HeJ parental strains with both on ApoE null backgrounds. All samples were compared to a common pool created from equal portions of RNA from each of the samples. Keywords=Genetics of Gene Expression Keywords=C57BL/6J Keywords=C3H/HeJ


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