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Trait Data and Analysis  for Record ID 10593760

  Details and Links

Gene Symbol: Chrna3
Aliases: Chrna3; (a)3; A730007P14Rik; Acra-3; Acra3
Description: cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha polypeptide 3
Location: Chr 9 @ 55.012809 Mb on the minus strand
Target Score:
Species and Group: Mouse, B6D2RI
Database 3: UTHSC BXD Aged Hippocampus Affy Mouse Gene 1.0 ST (Jun15) Exon Level RMA
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  Basic Statistics


N of Samples234
Standard Error (SE)0.035
Standard Deviation (SD)0.528
Range (log2)4.451
Range (fold)21.872
Interquartile Range1.571


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N of Samples225
Standard Error (SE)0.033
Standard Deviation (SD)0.497
Range (log2)4.015
Range (fold)16.167
Interquartile Range1.563


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N of Samples9
Standard Error (SE)0.347
Standard Deviation (SD)1.040
Range (log2)3.392
Range (fold)10.498
Interquartile Range2.068


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  Calculate Correlations


Pearson    Spearman Rank

The Sample Correlation is computed between trait data and any
other traits in the sample database selected above. Use Spearman Rank
when the sample size is small (<20) or when there are influential outliers.

The Literature Correlation (Lit r) between this gene and all other genes is computed
using the Semantic Gene Organizer and human, rat, and mouse data from PubMed.
Values are ranked by Lit r, but Sample r and Tissue r are also displayed.

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Pearson    Spearman Rank

The Tissue Correlation (Tissue r) estimates the similarity of expression of two genes
or transcripts across different cells, tissues, or organs (glossary). Tissue correlations
are generated by analyzing expression in multiple samples usually taken from single cases.
Pearson and Spearman Rank correlations have been computed for all pairs of genes
using data from mouse samples.

  Mapping Tools

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Bootstrap Test (n=2000)
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Interval Mapping computes linkage maps for the entire genome or single
chromosomes. The Permutation Test estimates suggestive and significant
linkage scores. The Bootstrap Test estimates the precision of the QTL location.

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Marker regression computes and displays LRS values for individual markers.
This function also lists additive effects (phenotype units per allele) and
dominance deviations for some datasets.

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Bootstrap Test (n=2000)
Use Parents

Composite Interval Mapping allows you to control for a single marker as
a cofactor. To find a control marker, run the Marker Regression function.

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Permutation Test (n=500)

Pair-Scan searches for pairs of chromosomal regions that are
involved in two-locus epistatic interactions.

  Review and Edit Data

Edit or delete values in the Trait Data boxes, and use the Reset option as needed.

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1 BXD1_1 M323R7276H1
2 BXD1_2 F448R7281H1
3 BXD1_3 F47751209.22
4 BXD2_1 M394R7261H1
5 BXD2_2 F456R7256H1
6 BXD2_3 M48322807.042
7 BXD2_4 M60942909.462
8 BXD2_5 F60942909.472
9 BXD6_1 M526R7223H1
10 BXD6_2     
11 BXD8_1 F433R7198H1
12 BXD8_2 F460R7200H1
13 BXD8_3 M471R7203H1
14 BXD9_1 F456R7294H1
15 BXD9_2 M63152008.172
16 BXD9_3 M63152008.182
17 BXD11_1 M457R7300H1
18 BXD11_2 F536R7227H1
19 BXD11_3 F74121113.012
20 BXD11_4 F74121113.022
21 BXD12_1 F506R7183H1
22 BXD12_2 F561R7233H1
23 BXD12_3 M606R7234H1
24 BXD12_4 F85020409.012
25 BXD12_5 M85020409.032
26 BXD14_1 F605R7238H1
27 BXD14_2 M605R7235H1
28 BXD15_1     
29 BXD15_2     
30 BXD16_1 F45522807.112
31 BXD16_2 M475R7239H1
32 BXD16_3 F561R7236H1
33 BXD18_1 F493R7229H1
34 BXD18_2 F54820409.282
35 BXD19_1 M492R7268H1
36 BXD19_2 F551R7267H1
37 BXD20_1 M489R7263H1
38 BXD20_2 M506R7232H1
39 BXD21_1 F537R7230H1
40 BXD22_1 F502R7260H1
41 BXD22_2 M596R7262H1
42 BXD22_3 F67520409.082
43 BXD23_1 M462R7257H1
44 BXD23_2 F502R7258H1
45 BXD23_3 M51220107.152
46 BXD24_1 F415R7228H1
47 BXD24_2 F456R7255H1
48 BXD24_3 M470R7231H1
49 BXD24_4 F63620409.212
50 BXD24_5 F63920409.292
51 BXD25_1 F43052008.362
52 BXD25_2 F454R7252H1
53 BXD25_3 M70952008.1152
54 BXD27_1 F472R7286H1
55 BXD27_2 F472R7170H1
56 BXD28_1 M493R7254H1
57 BXD28_2 F543R7251H1
58 BXD28_3 M60520107.182
59 BXD29_1 F483R7259H1
60 BXD29_2     
61 BXD31_1 F44540109.922
62 BXD31_2 F46731407.182
63 BXD31_3 F64820409.312
64 BXD32_1 M56642909.712
65 BXD32_2     
66 BXD33_1 F448R7244H1
67 BXD33_2 M464R7253H1
68 BXD33_3 F471R7174H1
69 BXD33_4 M662R7270H1
70 BXD33_5 F68340109.792
71 BXD34_1 F41450609.352
72 BXD34_2 F54952008.512
73 BXD34_3 F554101513.062
74 BXD34_4 F748101513.072
75 BXD38_1 M446R7247H1
76 BXD38_2 M446R7247H1
77 BXD38_3 F464R7242H1
78 BXD38_4 M53020107.252
79 BXD39_1 F500R7173H1
80 BXD39_2 M500R7175H1
81 BXD39_3 M536R7250H1
82 BXD39_4 F66120409.192
83 BXD40_1 F451R7288H1
84 BXD40_2 F45151209.562
85 BXD40_3 M470R7210H1
86 BXD40_4 M614R7197H1
87 BXD40_5 F63342909.192
88 BXD40_6 F72820409.732
89 BXD42_1 M446R7246H1
90 BXD42_2 F486R7266H1
91 BXD42_3 F518R7280H1
92 BXD43_1 F454R7249H1
93 BXD43_2 M462R7248H1
94 BXD43_3 M61650609.762
95 BXD44_1 M415R7241H1
96 BXD44_2 M419R7279H1
97 BXD44_3 F438R7243H1
98 BXD44_4 F56442607.132
99 BXD44_5 F56442607.142
100 BXD45_1 F451R7176H1
101 BXD45_2 M63140109.882
102 BXD48_1 F499R7245H1
103 BXD48_2 M526R7220H1
104 BXD48_3 M74051209.292
105 BXD48_4 F740101513.12
106 BXD48a_1 F479R7299H1
107 BXD48a_2 M479R7297H1
108 BXD48a_3 F47951209.012
109 BXD48a_4 M47951209.032
110 BXD48a_5 F60851209.522
111 BXD48a_6 M74851209.652
112 BXD50_1 F530R7224H1
113 BXD50_2 M530R7221H1
114 BXD50_3 F77850609.042
115 BXD51_1 F487R7177H1
116 BXD51_2 M407R7290H1
117 BXD51_3 M62141709.112
118 BXD55_1 M528R7222H1
119 BXD55_2 F587R7225H1
120 BXD55_3 F77852008.1342
121 BXD55_4 F76652008.1352
122 BXD56_1 M501R7178H1
123 BXD56_2 M69451209.662
124 BXD56_3 F73452008.1392
125 BXD60_1 M45742909.522
126 BXD60_2 F759101513.142
127 BXD61_1 M65052008.632
128 BXD61_2 F70220409.142
129 BXD62_1 F353121214.22
130 BXD62_2 M439R7291H1
131 BXD62_3 F69940109.912
132 BXD63_1 M438R7218H1
133 BXD63_2 F475R7215H1
134 BXD63_3 M97250609.282
135 BXD64_1 M528R7219H1
136 BXD64_2 F587R7216H1
137 BXD65_1 F425R7217H1
138 BXD65_2 M60150609.392
139 BXD65_3 F80852008.672
140 BXD65a_1 F389R7273H1
141 BXD65a_2 M715R7277H1
142 BXD65a_3 F53661407.152
143 BXD65a_4 F53661407.162
144 BXD65b_1 M483R7271H1
145 BXD66_1 F446R7302H1
146 BXD66_2 M463R7214H1
147 BXD66_3 M55742507.192
148 BXD66_4 F55742507.22
149 BXD67_1 F415R7278H1
150 BXD67_2 M425R7213H1
151 BXD67_3 F499R7240H1
152 BXD67_4 F60642607.112
153 BXD67_5 F64952008.712
154 BXD68_1 F415R7211H1
155 BXD68_2 M421R7212H1
156 BXD68_3 F62342607.272
157 BXD68_4 F62342607.282
158 BXD69_1 F504R7305H1
159 BXD69_2 F55861913.132
160 BXD69_3 F602112707.082
161 BXD70_1 F458R7207H1
162 BXD70_2 M460R7204H1
163 BXD70_3 F76142909.282
164 BXD70_4 F76142909.292
165 BXD71_1 M471R7205H1
166 BXD71_2 F474R7208H1
167 BXD71_3 F70120409.112
168 BXD71_4 F58220409.492
169 BXD73_1 F470R7209H1
170 BXD73_2 M464R7206H1
171 BXD73_3 F54411007.162
172 BXD73_4 F64252008.812
173 BXD73a_1 F443R7181H1
174 BXD73a_2 F44361407.182
175 BXD73a_3 M614R7182H1
176 BXD73a_4 M71052008.862
177 BXD74_1 M80431407.12
178 BXD74_2     
179 BXD75_1 F53511107.082
180 BXD75_2     
181 BXD76_1 F408R7188H1
182 BXD76_2 M564R7187H1
183 BXD76_3 M579R7179H1
184 BXD77_1 M347R7292H1
185 BXD77_2 F454R7201H1
186 BXD77_3 F65952008.832
187 BXD79_1 M485R7202H1
188 BXD79_2 F515R7199H1
189 BXD79_3 M704R7298H1
190 BXD81_1 F43450609.252
191 BXD81_2 F458R7190H1
192 BXD81_3 M515R7196H1
193 BXD83_1 M441R7184H1
194 BXD83_2 F61261307.32
195 BXD83_3 M617121907.12
196 BXD84_1 M474R7195H1
197 BXD84_2 M484R7296H1
198 BXD84_3 F522R7192H1
199 BXD84_4 F56420409.82
200 BXD84_5 F592112707.122
201 BXD85_1 M425R7272H1
202 BXD85_2 F506R7193H1
203 BXD85_3 F70220409.122
204 BXD85_4 F70220409.132
205 BXD86_1 M425R7191H1
206 BXD86_2 F61320409.352
207 BXD86_3 F61320409.362
208 BXD87_1 F425R7194H1
209 BXD87_2 M478R7303H1
210 BXD87_3 M442R7186H1
211 BXD87_4 F66652008.972
212 BXD87_5 M66652008.982
213 BXD89_1 F446R7295H1
214 BXD89_2 M61652008.12
215 BXD90_1 M434R7287H1
216 BXD90_2 M558R7293H1
217 BXD90_3 F45252008.1052
218 BXD92_1     
219 BXD92_2     
220 BXD95_1 F467R7180H1
221 BXD95_2 M467R7169H1
222 BXD95_3 F536100914.092
223 BXD96_1     
224 BXD96_2     
225 BXD97_1     
226 BXD97_2     
227 BXD98_1 M605R7237H1
228 BXD98_2 F639R7171H1
229 BXD98_3 F488R7275H1
230 BXD99_1 M524R7189H1
231 BXD99_2 F471R7172H1
232 BXD100_1 F463R7282H1
233 BXD100_2 M507R7283H1
234 BXD100_3 M577R7274H1
235 BXD100_4 F464R7226H1
236 BXD100_5 M57751209.622
237 BXD101_1 F490R7284H1
238 BXD101_2 M408R7285H1
239 BXD101_3 F22351112.12
1 C57BL/6J_1 M489R7264H1
2 C57BL/6J_2 F65052008.032
3 C57BL/6J_3 M756R7289H1
4 C57BL/6J_4 M75652008.012
5 D2B6F1_1 M492R7265H1
6 D2B6F1_2 F495R7304H1
7 DBA/2J_1 M367R7269H1
8 DBA/2J_2 F433R7185H1
9 DBA/2J_3 F566R7301H1

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