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Data Set Group2: VU BXD Midbrain Agilent SurePrint G3 Mouse GE (May12) modify this page

Data Set: VU BXD Midbrain Agilent SurePrint G3 Mouse GE (May12) Quantile modify this page
GN Accession: GN381
GEO Series: No Geo series yet
Organism: Mouse (Mus musculus, mm10)
Group: BXD
Tissue: Midbrain mRNA
Dataset Status: Public
Platforms: Agilent-028005 SurePrint G3 Mouse GE 8x60K
Normalization: QUANT
Contact Information
Randy Blakely
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
465 21st Avenue South 7150 MRB III
Nashville, TN 38016 USA
Tel. 615 936-1700
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Specifics of this Data Set:


Summary of DatasetId 141, Name: VU BXD Midbrain Agilent SurePrint G3 Mouse GE (May12)

About the cases used to generate this set of data:
Index Sample ID Sex Strain Assignment L14
1 916-DCA-68 M BXD1
2 916-DCA-165 M BXD1
3 916-DCA-147 M BXD1
4 916-DCA-114 M BXD1
5 916-DCA-107 M BXD11
6 916-DCA-187 M BXD11
7 916-DCA-67 M BXD11
8 916-DCA-158 M BXD12
9 916-DCA-35 M BXD12
10 916-DCA-36 M BXD12
11 916-DCA-140 M BXD14
12 916-DCA-45 M BXD14
13 916-DCA-99 M BXD14
14 916-DCA-191 M BXD14
15 916-DCA-79 M BXD15
16 916-DCA-38 M BXD15
17 916-DCA-41 M BXD15
18 916-DCA-88 M BXD15
19 916-DCA-141 M BXD16
20 916-DCA-97 M BXD16
21 916-DCA-18 M BXD16
22 916-DCA-179 M BXD16
23 916-DCA-16 M BXD18
24 916-DCA-23 M BXD18
25 916-DCA-12 M BXD18
26 916-DCA-175 M BXD18
27 916-DCA-8 M BXD19
28 916-DCA-174 M BXD19
29 916-DCA-78 M BXD19
30 916-DCA-24 M BXD19
31 916-DCA-105 M BXD2
32 916-DCA-57 M BXD2
33 916-DCA-166 M BXD2
34 916-DCA-181 M BXD2
35 916-DCA-100 M BXD20
36 916-DCA-82 M BXD20
37 916-DCA-72 M BXD20
38 916-DCA-131 M BXD20
39 916-DCA-63 M BXD21
40 916-DCA-13 M BXD21
41 916-DCA-15 M BXD21
42 916-DCA-109 M BXD22
43 916-DCA-101 M BXD22
44 916-DCA-69 M BXD22
45 916-DCA-104 M BXD22
46 916-DCA-125 M BXD24
47 916-DCA-33 M BXD24
48 916-DCA-108 M BXD24
49 916-DCA-44 M BXD24
50 916-DCA-80 M BXD27
51 916-DCA-151 M BXD28
52 916-DCA-47 M BXD28
53 916-DCA-27 M BXD28
54 916-DCA-154 M BXD28
55 916-DCA-71 M BXD29
56 916-DCA-54 M BXD29
57 916-DCA-122 M BXD29
58 916-DCA-51.1 M BXD29
59 916-DCA-144 M BXD31
60 916-DCA-76 M BXD31
61 916-DCA-164 M BXD31
62 916-DCA-37 M BXD32
63 916-DCA-89 M BXD32
64 916-DCA-25 M BXD32
65 916-DCA-160 M BXD33
66 916-DCA-65 M BXD33
67 916-DCA-128 M BXD33
68 916-DCA-73 M BXD34
69 916-DCA-103 M BXD34
70 916-DCA-137 M BXD34
71 916-DCA-29 M BXD38
72 916-DCA-112 M BXD38
73 916-DCA-84 M BXD38
74 916-DCA-132 M BXD38
75 916-DCA-156 M BXD38
76 916-DCA-130 M BXD39
77 916-DCA-117 M BXD39
78 916-DCA-111 M BXD39
79 916-DCA-14 M BXD40
80 916-DCA-188 M BXD40
81 916-DCA-192 M BXD40
82 916-DCA-90 M BXD40
83 916-DCA-52 M BXD42
84 916-DCA-2 M BXD42
85 916-DCA-126 M BXD42
86 916-DCA-81 M BXD42
87 916-DCA-118 M BXD44
88 916-DCA-42 M BXD44
89 916-DCA-92 M BXD44
90 916-DCA-39 M BXD49
91 916-DCA-98 M BXD49
92 916-DCA-83 M BXD49
93 916-DCA-85 M BXD5
94 916-DCA-6 M BXD5
95 916-DCA-142 M BXD5
96 916-DCA-11 M BXD55
97 916-DCA-121 M BXD55
98 916-DCA-77 M BXD55
99 916-DCA-123 M BXD6
100 916-DCA-28 M BXD6
101 916-DCA-161 M BXD6
102 916-DCA-124 M BXD6
103 916-DCA-189 M BXD62
104 916-DCA-143 M BXD62
105 916-DCA-116 M BXD62
106 916-DCA-159 M BXD73
107 916-DCA-40 M BXD73
108 916-DCA-169 M BXD73
109 916-DCA-120 M BXD8
110 916-DCA-64 M BXD8
111 916-DCA-93 M BXD8
112 916-DCA-148 M BXD86
113 916-DCA-55 M BXD86
114 916-DCA-170 M BXD86
115 916-DCA-50 M BXD89
116 916-DCA-127 M BXD89
117 916-DCA-32 M BXD89
118 916-DCA-62 M BXD89
119 916-DCA-53 M BXD9
120 916-DCA-138 M BXD9
121 916-DCA-180 M BXD9
122 916-DCA-46 M BXD9
123 916-DCA-74 M BXD96
124 916-DCA-110 M BXD96
125 916-DCA-94 M BXD96
126 916-DCA-49 M BXD96
127 916-DCA-119 M BXD98
128 916-DCA-135 M BXD98
129 916-DCA-58 M BXD98

About the tissue used to generate this set of data:

About the array platform:

About data values and data processing:


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Data source acknowledgment:

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