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Data Set Group2: DOD BXD Individual Prefrontal Cortex Gulf War Illness RNA-Seq modify this page

Data Set: DOD BXD Individual PFC GWI CTL RNA-Seq (Oct19) TPM Log2 modify this page
GN Accession: GN881
GEO Series: No GEO series yet
Title: Unpublished
Organism: Mouse (Mus musculus, mm10)
Tissue: Prefrontal Cortex mRNA
Dataset Status: Private
Platforms: Illumina NovaSeq (Mus musculus)
Normalization: RNA-seq
Contact Information
Byron Jones
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
855 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, TN 38163 USA
Tel. 901 448-2814
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Specifics of this Data Set:

DOD BXD Individual PFC GWI CTL RNA-Seq (Oct19) TPM Log2

Download data here: http://ipfs.genenetwork.org/ipfs/QmUxTJ6qW3eHQeVoyc4tYgooxYiYN6G6eekV1iLMh8EF5k/GN881


The study consisted of treating BXD male and female mice to 20mg% corticosterone in the drinking water for 7 days. On the 8th day they were injected i.p. with 4mg/kg diisopropylflurophosphate, an irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor. Six hours after injection the prefrontal cortex was harvested to analyze gene expression for Il1b, Tnfa, Il6 by rtPCR.

D=diisopropylflurophosphate treatment

CD= corticosterone + diisopropylflurophosphate treatment.

Data are log2 gene expression for D or CD vs saline control

This dataset is confidential. Please refer to the contact information above to use the data.

About the cases used to generate this set of data:

About the tissue used to generate this set of data:

About the array platform:

About data values and data processing:


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Data source acknowledgment:

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