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GeneWiki enables you to enrich the annotation of genes. Many of the GeneNetwork (GN) data sets are made up of measruements of mRNA expression levels. User need to be able to incorporate notes and findings related to genes, proteins, and these transcripts. At present, GeneWiki is more of a "note taker" than a true Wiki, although it is possible for you (for better or for worse) to edit notes entered by other users. Please submit or edit a GeneWiki note. The current limitation is 250 letters per entry, although we are likely to increase this significantly. Your entry should be related to a gene, its transcripts, or proteins. When possible include PubMed identifiers and web resource links (URL addresses). Please ensure that the additions will have widespread use.

Use the "User Code" to enter either your initials or a code for annotations that will allow you to retrieve all genes data of a particular type rapidly.

To find your GeneWiki entries just preface your search term with "wiki=", for example "wiki=GENSAT" will retrieve all genes that have been annotated with a text that includes "GENSAT" somewhere in the entry.